In 1988, five musicians from the Wurttemberg Philharmonic Orchestra in Reutlingen (South Germany) decided to create a rather special string quintet, with two violins, one viola, one cello and one double bass to explore new directions next to their orchestral activities and develop projects that would take them a long way from the usual duties of classically trained musicians. According to Südwestrundfunk Radio 2, they cross over the boundaries between serious and light music. What used to be light is now serious, what is light today will be serious tomorrow. Therefore the only criterion – quality – is the motto of this group, a motto to which they have always been faithful. We organised a couple of concerts for the quintet in India and were grateful to them for sharing their live recordings as a background score for Serenade.TV’s Gaining Attention: Western classical music in India.

December 18, 2016: Kala Academy, Goa & January 7, 2017: The Bangalore Club, Bengaluru